Wednesday, 27 May 2015

CW Trillium Meadowlarke North Horseshow

Saturday was my first trillium show for the season. I can't believe it was the 6th show already for Central West, that's already halfway considering there are 11 total! We have to compete in 6/11 to and be in the top 7 of our division to qualify for the the trillium championships, so we are on a pretty tight schedule now.

I'm gratefully leasing the perfect Logan again, showing in the open 3'3"-3'6" hunter division. We are showing in the open division because amateur-owner division are exclusive in the 'ownership' department.

His bridle charm is a maple leaf stamped with "Canada", which is charming as his show/registered name is Canadian Made. We double charmed up and added a four leaf clover (he is definitely a clover loving horse).

To get ready for the show we had a lesson with our regularly visiting clinician the first day back. Unfortunately something went wacky in my brain and after we jumped a few nice lines, I started circling. I have a long history with circling when I don't see a 'good' distance, which is nonsensical since I know how to support and ride any distance that might come up. I rode the struggle bus mentally and we just focused on making sure I jumped all the jumps. This may have meant we jumped a 2'3" course doing the adds after some convincing (of myself, Logan is always game). I'm not sure what it was, I just was afraid of missing even though I knew nothing would happen.

The next Monday, we had our regular lesson. This would be the decider if we were going to show or not. We put most jumps up to 3'6". And we jumped. We just jumped and jumped until it was all smooth and like it used to be. Logan felt great and I felt great, I just needed to get out a few wacky jumps, and the rest was golden. Confidence regained, I decided to show!

Our division went Saturday. Once actually at the show, we had a brief hack to gauge his energy level, which was spot on. No lunging needed! He seems to have matured a huge amount over the winter and has been very laid back if given the opportunity. Unfortunately it would be almost 8hrs later until we showed at 6pm. The day ran super long and after the 4am wake-up, I hardly had any energy left to be nervous when it was finally our turn in the ring!

All in all, he was a star. We had a warmup round which I used to get my butt in gear. Our first trip was nice, a few slightly long spots we were 2nd. Our second trip we lightly tipped a rail at a tall vertical and I asked for a super man distance to one jump (interesting picture), which he saved my butt and went for, received a 7th. Our third trip smoothed out and we won that one (out of ten). We waited forever to jog and hack, finishing 6th u/s. We missed reserve champion by a few points I think. At this point it was 8:15pm and Logan has never been happier to head back to the trailer. We got home around 9:30, I left the barn at 10pm. What a long day!

Pictures coming soon hopefully!

I'll be taking the next show off as I'm fearful of jumping on grass without studs (Logan is barefoot). Logan is as surefooted as a mountain goat but its a silly mental thing for me that I would rather not do.

After finishing my co-op in the far-away edge of civilization city, I'm happy to be back in Waterloo.


  1. congrats on a solid first show back with Logan! can't wait to see the pics :)

    1. Thanks, I also can't wait to see them!

  2. congratulations! sounds like it was a good day all around. can't wait for pictures!

  3. Sounds like you had a great first show back! Can't wait to see the pics