Thursday, 2 April 2015

It's April already?

In short, I've still been riding about 4 days a week. Two of those times are lessons where we work on the little pieces so that when show season starts up everything comes together (in theory).

Its been a very up down experience being here in London between riding experiences, my new job, and trying to make friends. Starting in May I return to school for a summer school term that is packed with thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, engineering design, and systems modelling.

When I'm back in school life becomes a bit of juggling act. My plan is to try to ride at least 3 times a week, part-boarding the lovely Logan and showing a few times in the 3'3"-3'6" hunters on the local circuit. We will show just enough to qualify for the year-end championships and won't jump too much at home to take unnecessary strain off his legs. It won't be anything wild or new, but I adore Logan and his consistency. Riding and showing him helps keep my stress down with school and makes me happy. He is extremely reliable and I feel very safe on him. Its not anything wild or new, I had hoped to try the jumpers this summer or take advantage of my last year to do the CET medal. It feels a bit like ageing out of the junior ranks a second time and makes me feel worried I didn't do all I wanted to during my time under the age limit for some classes. With respect to that, the main priority with being in school is getting my iron ring and getting job experience before real life happens. I have to remember I'm more of a 30% rider then the 100% investment I wish I could be.


With OUEA season all wrapped up after the gala, students take a break to finish exams and recover from weekly 4:00am wakeups. Our exec for the equestrian team has met already and we have grand plans for next year on both the OUEA and within our club. I happily volunteered to be website coordinator again and will help run our school OUEA show. We have lots of ideas for more events and making our show even better. Check us out on facebook here: or our website here:

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  1. doing another season with Logan sounds like an awesome plan - seems like you really enjoy him and have enough on your plate that something fun and reliable will be a welcome relief