Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OUEA Road to Finals Challenge!

So as the most tech savy (haha) person on our Waterloo team I was tasked with making a video for the Road to Finals (R2F) video for UWEQ. I was a little worried about having this responsibility because I wanted it to be nice, represent the team as a whole, and maybe inspire some smiles.

I tried to get at least a little bit of everyone into the video!

You can see the final video HERE.

Vote for our video here to help our team win a prize at the OUEA Gala this Sunday!

We hosted a fitness clinic specific to equestrians through EquiStrong and it sounds like people had a lot of fun! Hope to do another one in the fall:

There has been a ton of planning going into the Finals this Saturday, team night after, and the AGM/Gala on Sunday. I'm really excited to go, it will be my first OUEA finals! Last year (2014) was cancelled because of all the EHV-1 outbreaks. So many emails and texts! I still have to shop for a gala dress, I don't really have anything nice that I haven't worn to 3+ equine related events already...

I qualified for the overfences portion of the Open division. This is the format it runs it: "There are five horses per over fences division; four horses to be used for first round trips and a ride off horse. The top scoring rider on each first round horse will return for a ride off. Each ride off rider will compete over a new course on the ride off horse. " I'm super nervous already and really want to be in the top four so I can ride off! By the rules, I just have to have the best ride on the horse I pull to make it.

On of my favorite pictures from the 2014-2015 season. Logan gets donated by his lovely owners (also my Waterloo trainers!) a few times a season and he is always a rockstar and a favorite draw for Open riders.:


  1. How exciting! Good luck to you and your team!

  2. sounds like an interesting format - good luck!!!