Monday, 23 March 2015

OUEA Finals 2015

One end is just another beginning, right? So many bittersweet feelings this weekend with riding in finals, celebrating all our successes, but also closing out our OUEA season and saying goodbye to our team mates and friends that are graduating.

I had qualified for open over fences in 3rd for the west zone.

I drew a lovely big east zone open horse for over fences. Unfortunately he had a very very rough start to the morning with his first two riders and was a little bit worried about leaving the ground with them. One was eliminated for stops, the other took out the first part of the two stride and came off. I was so worried we were going to have a disaster that I was white as a sheet in the ingate.

We jumped all the jumps but it was nothing pretty, and had the rail on jump 2 when I pulled in the air to turn to jump 3. He really requires a supportive ride and slow shoulder. He was extremely comfortable to ride with an easy jump. We got a 69.5 which at the end of the day was good enough for 8th (a lot of people struggled with the windy course and 90 degree turns....). My only desire for this show was to make it to the top 4 o/f so I could participate in the ride off but it just wasn't my day unfortunately. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make it to the top four and felt like I had let myself down, but I was able to start enjoying myself once I knew it was over. After I was done, it meant I was done for the entire day!

I changed back into warm clothes and cheered on my team for the rest of the day, it was a chilly one but spirits were high. East and West cheered for their riders and teams that normally compete cheered for one another. Waterloo did super with our riders making it to the ride offs in the majority of classes! It was a long day with all the ride offs and long courses and finished at 6pm. We had an open and inter champion, and entry reserve champion to help us cinch reserve high point team! Captain cried and we all smiled for a lot of pictures.

We had great support from the team with a lot of members coming out who weren't showing, just to cheer us on and help handle horses!

We enjoyed a team dinner together and had fun at the hotel. Early morning to get the the OUEA AGM at 10am, which was an hour away! After a coffee stop we made it to the meeting. I'm excited about where the OUEA is heading in the future and all the discussion gave me a few ideas for our individual team. We enjoyed a brunch and did awards.

Matchy matchy:

I ended up 7th overall, being bumped down from 5th unfortunately at the last second. We had a lot of super placings across all divisions for our team! Waterloo ended up being high point team for the entire West Zone! Last time this happened was about 5 years ago so we were due for a big win! Captain cried for the second time this weekend and we did a lot of posing with the huge trophy.

West Zone Opens:

Team picture:

UWaterloo open riders!:

It was hard to say goodbye and our team lingered until everybody had left. We were reluctant to let our graduates leave, they have made such a huge positive impact on the team. We eventually piled into our cars and split.... until next season guys!

Culmination of 8 months of OUEA shows:

On a side note I'm the website coordinator again on the UWEQ exec and am looking forward to working with our new exec members to put together our Waterloo OUEA show next fall and run a great team and club.


  1. congratulations to a solid end to the season!! your team sounds amazing :)

  2. That was a tough course! Congrats on your team's success :)