Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tall boot shopping!

I've been needing new tall boots for a while now. My current pair is an ancient set of old school pull on Ariats that are 3 times used and are really starting to show their age! My younger sister bought them used from a little tack store in NC, Waxhaw Tack exchange. She showed in them for a few years before she outgrew them. Then they came to me and my mother had our local cobbler put in zippers. I've had them for a few years now and they have been a perfect fit and so well broken in I can wear them all day. The dye from the inside of the boots is faded and the leather at the ankles is starting to develop little tears. We definitely didn't take the best care of these boots, we washed horses in them, sludged through paddocks, showed in them on sloppy days, and rarely cleaned them but they've lasted us quite awhile! For <$100 I feel like the boots don't owe me anything and its time to get my next pair.

I feel a little sentimental towards the boots because they've been with my sister and I through so many shows. This is extremely silly but I know I tend to get attached to inanimate objects if I feel they hold memories or are symbolically important.

Either way this means boot shopping!

I did buy two pairs of the Treadstep DaVinci field boots from TOTD. While a bit big in the calf they worked for my sister and she shows in them today. The first picture is brand new, the second is after being broken in. The calf is still a little bulky and unfitted but the ankle looks better.

I stubbornly refused to use mine sticking to my old boots because I really didn't like the fit on me. I think the plan is to resell them online because I won't willingly put those things back on. They really are quite nice to look at but just not my shape unfortunately. They have great reviews online https://www.smartpakequine.com/tredstep-da-vinci-field-boot-9484p.

Once I get my ass in gear to sell the DaVincis I think the pair I'm interested in is  the TuffRider Sport Dress boots. Some call them Par'want'ies which I think is super suitable considering its essentially a copy cat look with cheap materials/ make. The leather is super thin and the elastic gusset probably isn't that strong but I would do my best to only wear them occasionally. I know they are far from quality but I really don't show on a high level or regularly any more so I might as well get a pair I like the look of but don't need them to hold up to high standards. I also HATE HATE HATE breaking in new boots and these look like they would go right on like half chaps from the first ride.

Tuff Rider Sport Dress Boot

It would be super nice to get a beautiful, sturdy pair of boots but at this point I don't need a pair like that to show/ lesson in occasionally.

I don't want to just toss my old boots so they will stay as backups. I'm a little bit of a hoarder so I tend to hold on to stuff but I think I have a good enough reason in this case.

Bonus picture of my sister with her horse Vera!:

They recently won the medium child/adult jumper classic at HITS Ocala out of 50+ pairs!


  1. lol i get all sentimental about my old stuff too... and am so sad that my long-term boots don't fit anymore :( but maybe if they don't sell i'll get them stretched to use for schooling? anyways my da vincis from totd are also a little bulky thru the calf but i still like 'em. good luck finding the right pair for you!

  2. My friend just got a pair of the TuffRider Field Boots and had literally 0 break-in time. Supple and soft right out of the box!