Friday, 20 February 2015

Recognize this bit? (Found!)

This is the bit I've been riding in and just love how it doesn't pinch. Even a normal loose ring snaffle with the rubber protectors can irritate the sides of mouth but this has given those little sores time to heal up.

Problem is I can't seem to find one I could purchase for myself! If anybody knows where I can find one, I'd love to know.

Edited to add: I got some help from the COTH forums and I'll be ordering from the Farm House, not far from my home in NC! Link here If you google "Loose ring eggbutt snaffle" they aren't hard to find, I just didn't realize what I was looking for.

I visited Waterloo last night for my Waterloo trainer's birthday and it was super nice to see my little barn family. I started feeling excited about showing again this summer but I know it will be tough to manage as I will also be on a school term.

Most importantly I got to have a little visit with Logan. He has always done this peanut butter lick like a dog after any kind of treat (his favorite being fuzzy peaches but he isn't picky).
We went for a little bareback (blankets on of course) walk with just a halter and it felt nice to just relax with him while he stretched his legs. He is being kept in work by his part-boarder and a working student so I think he is happy with the attention!

Back in the fall when it was still warm!:

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  1. logan is such a cutie!! not sure about where to find that specific type of loose ring, but fwiw loose rings always irritated my mare, as did the rubber thingys, except for the herm sprenger kk - she's been going in it for maybe a year w zero pinches or rubs