Friday, 27 February 2015

Happy Birthday Moxie!

Like most horse people, I always have a dog at my side. Moxie has been my constant companion for the past 3 yrs during my time in Canada. Its really just us most of the time and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Moxie turns 9yrs old tomorrow. She may be considered an old lady in terms of dog age, but she is so young at heart and loves life with an inspiring kind of passion. It sounds silly to be inspired by a dog, but she is the one I get up for in the morning (figuratively and literally).

Best co-pilot:

She loves her people and even holds a special place in her heart for our vizsla Rogue (normally she ignores most other dogs).

When she first met Rogue:

Opening up to the idea of being friends:

All grown up and best friends now:

Nobody ever told her she was bred to be a poofy show dog, she loves swimming in dirty ponds, hangs out at the barn, chases cats, and hikes with us. She thinks she is a true bush dog and would rather hang around outside, paroling the back yard for squirrels then be sleeping inside. She's the kind of dog that can be a little aloof, but also knows when you've had a rough day and will let you cuddle her in bed and give you kisses when you need it most.

Running wild last in the halls just last week:

Snow moustache:

So darn cold at OUEA shows:

At least the barn link is heated at trainer H's place!:

Where Moxie would rather be:

Always playing fetch with anything available:

Thanksgiving together:

NC visit:

Listening to us go through the car wash after a long day at the barn:

Thanks Mox for helping me create and home away from home.
At the end of the day, you are always there for me:
What Logan thinks of the weather this month:

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