Sunday, 15 February 2015

Coldest day of the year

It was too cold to ride here today at -40C, so instead I took Moxie and we just went to the barn to tidy up some ponies and bling out my new little trunk.

All I can say is thank goodness for the lovely heated barn! I pulled out a few ponies to dust off and braided some manes over. Even though I may not always get I ride I can still appreciate quality time at the barn with the horses.

The most exciting part of my visit was sticking my blingy monogram to my new little Stanely trunk. I swore I wouldn't collect enough horse things to warrant having a tack trunk but here we are again. I have enough tack and supplies in Canada to outfit an entire equine and don't even lease/own a damn horse. This includes three bridles??? Not entirely sure how this happens but I finally gave in and bought myself a cheap indestructible Stanely.

The blingy initials:

Getting picture frames at Michaels is my excuse for impulse buying these sparkly abominations.

In other news I'm still super allergic to cats:

I'm their best friend every time I bend over to zip my boots or reach for something on the shelving. They jump onto my lap, sit on my shoulders and even try to coil up on my head sometimes. My closed up throat and itchy eyes is a symbol of my love for fluffy affectionate animals no matter the consequences.

In other other news my younger sister won the Child/Adult Jumper classic today in HITS Ocala out of 53! She has worked so hard to transition into the jumpers and adjust to the new horse and its paid off wonderfully during her first FL showing expedition! I'm so beyond proud and l wish I could have been there to cheer for her, and probably cry when she got her ribbon.

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