Friday, 30 January 2015

Flashback: Show Ring Ready Turnout critique

This past summer (2014) Logan and I showed in the adult hunters and equitation on the Trillium circuit with great success. While it was a step down in division height for me and a baby step up for him, I still had a blast getting back into the showring. I really enjoyed this summer doing the Trillium shows because the financial and time commitment is significantly less then the 'A' circuit while still competitive.

On the turnout side of showing this summer I chronically battled Logan's tendency to use his manure as a pillow and rub his braids out! You can see the review of our turnout here:

Here is the picture I submitted! I adore the Show Ring Ready blog and its filled with helpful and appropriate information.

Some tips for keeping your grey horse grey:
-Invest in QuicSilver and White N'Brite. It may not be the best everyday shampoo but its perfect for removing stains (like orange clay and manure/ urine).
-Regular bathing. No last minute fixes for grey horses with deep stains! This will prevent stains from setting, especially in the tail where it is difficult to correct.
-A step ladder. If you're guilty like me of occasionally letting your horse's head go without washing, you can't get away with it in this case.  This applies to other tricky areas like under the belly.
-Clean surroundings. This goes for the stall, the saddle pad you use, towels to dry them. Anything you use should be taking dirt away from them, not potentially depositing it on them.

My first experience with a grey equine and teacher of cleanliness was in the form of the most precious of medium pony. My sister and I took her from the orange clay pits of NC at home to a bright and shiny winning show pony for an entire season! This first picture you can see the perma-orange stain in her mane, tail, and face.

Regular bathing at home to prevent more stains from setting plus immaculate management at shows helped this precious pony stay sparkling despite her love of digging in the dirt.

I know I am slightly large on her, the pictures are from her green year while she gained show experience and she was sold to a more size appropriate child soon thereafter.

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