Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Catching up

Its been a while since I last posted my adventures being a student rider, almost two entire years. I guess being a perpetually busy engineering student, these things happen. Since then I've become involved with our student team at the University of Waterloo, travelling and competing with the 10-15 other ladies on the team while we compete in the OUEA. Its grown on me over the past two years and as a result I'm now a member of the executive team, keeping our website and facebook page up to date. You can see those here and here Competing in the OUEA as an Open division rider has helped me continue developing my riding, maybe not in the show oriented way I had pictured, but as a horsewoman and better all-around rider. In addition to competing in the OUEA I was able to show on the Ontario Trillium circuit in the adult hunters with a lovely thoroughbred trakehner cross, Logan, for the 2014 summer.

I hope to keep more up to date with this blog and primarily write about my experiences in the OUEA, the Ontario horse show circuit, and riding in general. I may also attempt some opinion pieces on horse-world ongoings and trending topics.

Pony tax picture of the lovely Logan from this summer:

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